The Soli Deo Gloria Collection

Creating the Finer Things Soli Deo Gloria Collection is a project I’ve wanted to complete since the genesis of the company itself. I think it’s extremely important to give credit where credit is due, and the credit for the infinite amount of “finer things” goes to to God. I want this line of clothing to do a few things: I want it to remind people to live their life for God’s glory and to love each other, I want it to help people become more open about their faith, I want it to help spread the light of the Lord, and of course, I want it to lead people toward a greater recognition and appreciation of the “finer things.” Additionally, it had to reach as many people as possible, and to make that happen I needed to find a way to show people how they could incorporate the SDG Collection’s items into their own personal styles. I consulted multiple friends to channel their personal fashion views and ideas into SDG outfits. Through their incredible gifts of talent and creativity and through our faith, we were able to pull off an incredible project, and dedicate it to His glory alone. I hope and pray that these products are able to help you advance along your walk of faith and encourage those around you to do the same, even if it means taking the very first step.



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